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SY passage 19: The Humble will be exalted

The nineteenth passage of the Sefer Yeshua is based on Mt 23:12 and Lk 14:11, 18.14b. Its likely origin is therefore the Q-Gospel. 19. 1Yeshua said, ‘Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, 2and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.’ Overview This pericope ends the...

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Is God a genocidal Tyrant?

How do we cope with passages in the Bible, where God commands the genocide of various peoples? The first point to make is that before the formation of scripture, the general guidance to Yahwists was, ‘Know YHVH’ (cf Jer 31:34, 1Chron 22:19, Hos 2:20, 6:3; in Yahwism,...

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Is God to blame for Evil?

A Talmidi friend recently asked me, "How do we cope with the presence of evil in our world, and not fall into a state of mind whereby we blame God for allowing evil and heinous things to happen?" Let's approach this problem from the extreme position. Sometimes,...

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