The Miqra (The Hebrew Bible)

Here, you will find Sermons, Commentaries and information about the Hebrew Bible (the Miqra).

You will also find the results of an ongoing project to reconstruct the original text of the Bible (a harmonisation of the Septuagint, Masoretic, Samaritan and Qumran texts). 


Complete List of all Pages in this Section of the Website:

The Galilean Canon of the Hebrew Bible (‘The Miqra’)

A Commentary on Genesis 1:1 – 3:24 (to give you an idea of what Talmidi commentaries and biblical studies are like)

The Background to the ‘Original Torah Project’, and the HEBT translation of the Bible

About the HEBT Translation of the Hebrew Bible (a modern Efrathite translation of the Bible)

The Triennial Torah Reading Cycle

Genesis (HEBT Translation)

Exodus (HEBT Translation)

Leviticus (HEBT Translation)

Numbers (HEBT Translation)

Deuteronomy (HEBT Translation)