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          General Outline of Talmidi Beliefs:

Creed or no creed?

What is Talmidaism?

The Meaning of Life

          How Talmidaism differs: General Articles

The Varieties of Talmidi Belief

Beliefs incompatible with Talmidi Theology

What does ‘The Way’ bring to Judaism?

Do you have to be Jewish to be ‘saved’?

Torah, not Talmud – Living God’s Way

A Comparison of Talmidi and Rabbinic Jewish Practice and Culture

Our Relationship with normative Judaism

A Comparison between Talmidi and Christian Teaching and Belief

Our Relationship with Christians

Yeshua and ‘the Law’ – For or Against?

Accepting Torah and rejecting Paul of Tarsus

Apocalypticism and the End of Days

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The Talmidi Equivalent of the ‘New Testament’: The full texts of the 14 Books of ‘The Exhortations’


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