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          General Outline of Talmidi Beliefs:

Creed or no creed?

What is Talmidaism?

The Meaning of Life

          How Talmidaism differs: General Articles

The Varieties of Talmidi Belief

Beliefs incompatible with Talmidi Theology

What does ‘The Way’ bring to Judaism?

Do you have to be Jewish to be ‘saved’?

Torah, not Talmud – Living God’s Way

A Comparison of Talmidi and Rabbinic Jewish Practice and Culture

Our Relationship with normative Judaism

A Comparison between Talmidi and Christian Teaching and Belief

Our Relationship with Christians

Yeshua and ‘the Law’ – For or Against?

Accepting Torah and rejecting Paul of Tarsus

Apocalypticism and the End of Days

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For articles on the Israelite Festivals, Prayers and Services

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The Talmidi Equivalent of the ‘New Testament’: The full texts of the 14 Books of ‘The Exhortations’

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New Blog posts:

Is it actually belief in a false god which is turning people atheist?

A Response to Left-Wing Pro-Palestinian Propaganda

What exactly is ‘Azazel’, and what does it have to do with the Expiation of Sin from the Soul?

Why did God say, “Isn’t Aaron THE LEVITE your brother?” (a sermon for Passover, revealing what God thought about the Ten Plagues)

Is Wisdom a created heavenly Being, separate from God?

Why Massorite Talmidis exalt the position of Adonai in our faith so greatly

The Death of any Innocent in Wartime is a Tragedy (about the deaths of 7 aid workers in Gaza)

Is God a genocidal Tyrant?

Is God to blame for Evil?

Experiencing the Living Name of God for yourself

How to Deal with Difficult Moral Issues: the Narrow Gate

You show you are my Followers by the love that you have for one another“ (the importance of peace between Talmidi sects)

Probably the Most Important Article on Messianism you’ll ever read (a commentary on Dt 17:14-21, on the biblical view of what a messiah is, and why we are not messianic)

Talmidi Noahides, Godfearers and Israelites (an explanation of the three, and how they fit into the broader Talmidi community)

A Brief Introduction to Talmidaism (modern ‘Jewish-Christianity’) for Newcomers

YHVH saves people of all religions, no matter the god they call upon

The Sorrowful Tragedy of Syncretism (the dangers of adding New Age beliefs into Yahwist Talmidaism)

Are the Palestinians descended from the original Canaanites?

Some Personal Thoughts on the Present Hamas-Israel War

A Detailed Examination of Sin, Forgiveness and Expiation (’atonement’; for a shorter, condensed version, see this blogpost)

I am not a special or enlightened being

The Unwritten Ethics of Mutual Responsibility

Jesus vs Paul #3: What did Paul know about Jesus? (My Reaction to Dr Bart Ehrman’s 4th & 7th lectures)

Why Reincarnation is inconsistent with the Ethos of the Israelite Faith

Jesus versus Paul #2: Yeshua’s Message and Mission (My Reaction to Dr Bart Ehrman’s 3rd lecture)

The Difference between Apocalypticism and Tribulationism

Jesus versus Paul #1: Who was Jesus? (My Reaction to Dr Bart Ehrman’s First 2 lectures)

Where was the Location of the City of Sodom?

Rediscovering One’s perfect Heavenly Self, to better connect with the Presence of God

Israelite Mysticism: The Anatomy of the Human Soul

Returning to Eden: Theophany Day & the Meaning of Salvation

What’s bigger than ‘Jesus’?

Shavuot as a Celebration of the Blessings of the Covenant

Why did God create the Universe?

The Passover Seder: Participating in Israel’s Birth

The oft-forgotten purpose of remembering the Exodus

An Overview of the HEBT Translation of the Torah

Why did God allow the Suffering of the Israelites in Egypt?

Ghosts, Spirits, and why a faithful Yahwist should not consult the Dead

Problems with the ‘Book of Enoch’

Was Yeshua a Pharisee?

The Four meanings of ‘The Kingdom of God’

Some thoughts for Yom Shmini ha-Atséret (Eighth Day of Closed Assembly)

Leaving Yeshua behind, in order to become a disciple of Yeshua

The Proper Use and Purpose of Torah: A Message for Yom Tru’ah

An easy-to-understand Summary of my Commentary on Sin and Expiation (‘atonement’)

The Violence in Torah – and why it has NOT led to a violent Jewish Society

Tisha be’Av: The Result of a broken Society

The Israelite and Prophetic attitude towards Politics

Please don’t judge Talmidaism by the Limitations of my Autism

Mistakes and Omissions in the Bible – How the Hebrew Bible evolved

The people’s king: God’s Covenant with David and his descendants (Covenant Series #7)

God’s calling to Godfearers and Converts: The Covenant on the Plains of Moab (Covenant Series #6)

Getting up close and personal with Yahveh: Torah & the Sinai Covenant (Covenant Series #5)

The Eternal Covenant of the Land: The Covenant with Abraham & the Patriarchs (Covenant Series #4)

The Noachic Covenant: The Righteous, non-Torah Yahwists among the Nations (Covenant Series #3)

The Careful Stewardship of the Earth: The Covenant with Adam (Covenant Series #2)

The Religion of Heaven, the natural religion of the Human heart, and the Universal Covenant (Covenant Series #1)

Talmidaism and the Importance of Mental Health

The Exodus for new Converts and Gentile Godfearers

How Talmidaism views the Death and Resurrection of Yeshua

Yeshua’s calling as a prophet, and its relevance today

How Yeshua wanted Honesty and Trustworthiness to be Hallmarks of his Followers

The Ethics of God’s Kingdom

The Kingdom of God demands change

Yahveh as our True King (or, Why Talmidaism is not messianic)

The difficulties of having faith as part of a small religious community (why you are not alone)

Talmidaism and Science

Prayers for Ukraine & for Peace

The non-Israelite beliefs that Modern Talmidaism has ditched

How do we find purpose and mission in life?

Was Paul of Tarsus an apostle, according to the Jewish definition? What is the difference between ‘Apostle’ and ‘Disciple’?

What is Prophecy for? How should Prophecy be used?

What is the Talmidi View of Faith and Trust in God?

Torah with Compassion & Mercy: Interpreting Torah through our knowledge of God’s Love

Why I do what I do: What Talmidaism means to me, and why it is important to me



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