Our Relationship with Christians

At the moment, our relations with Christians is entirely one-sided. We are open and friendly towards Christians, but we have to be wary of letting Christians know what we believe, since even an innocent and objective account of our beliefs engenders only hostility from most committed Christians.

We acknowledge the right of Christians to hold their own beliefs, and to practise their own religion. We would never curse or persecute Christians because of their religion. We would never look down upon Christians, or treat them with disrespect or contempt; the Way teaches kindness and compassion to all.

We politely answer genuine enquiries from Christians in the spirit of inter-religious understanding. However, because our views are met with scorn at best, we generally try to keep out of harm’s way.

We would never refuse the hand of kindness to any Christian, and respectful guests are always welcome in our homes. However, from past unhappy experiences with Christians, we generally walk away from heated arguments with them – it’s not worth wasting emotional energy on pointless debate.

Sadly, our relationship with Christians is a tense one. As soon as they “put the gun down”, and stop calling us blasphemers, anti-Christs, agents of Satan etc., I’m sure the relationship will get warmer – one day.