(Unless a passage is indicated as read by a specific person, each person takes it in turns to read each passage).

(facing the New Moon)

Leader: The first sliver of the New Moon was sighted in Jerusalem this evening, so Happy New Moon Day! Rosh chodesh same’ach!

(now everyone turns away from the New Moon; this is to show to God that we do not worship the moon)

In ancient times, two silver trumpets or a shofar would have been sounded to announce Rosh Chodesh, as it is written:

“On your days of joy – at your fixed festivals and New Moon Festivals – you are to sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and over your well-being sacrifices, and they will be for you a reminder in the presence of your God: I am YHVH your God.”

(Num 10:10) 

“Sound the shofar at the New Moon, on the day of our festival; this is a decree for Israel, an ordinance of the God of Jacob.”

(Ps 81:3a, 4)

(the shofar is sounded twice)

Prayers for the Sanctification of the New Moon Day

“Blessed be YHVH our God, who has set the Moon in the night sky as a memorial to the work of His creation; for He made the lesser light to rule over the night, and as a sign to mark the seasons and appointed festivals, and to give light upon the earth.” Amein

(Gen 1: 14-18). 

“Blessed be YHVH our God, who has ordained a place for the stars, the sun and the moon, to measure the times and the seasons. We marvel at the order You have made, how You have fashioned the paths of the heavenly bodies. We bless you for the gift of Time – for the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the months and the years. Help us to value the quality of their passing, and not yearn for the speed of their ending.” Amein

Let us rejoice with those who are able to celebrate this day of rest, and accompany in spirit those who, for whatever reason, are unable to observe this day.

In ancient times, Rosh Chodesh was a solemn day of rest (1), and people did not travel(2). There was no work, and no selling (3). It was a day of worship (4), and of remembering (5). AND IT WAS A JOYFUL DAY! (6)

“We stand in awe and wonder before YHVH our God, who is sovereign over all, blessed be the Holy One! For God stretched forth the heavens like a tent and established the earth. Truly there is none like YHVH our God. As Torah says, ‘Know this day, and reflect in your heart that it is YHVH who is God in the heavens above, and on the earth below; there is no one else’.”

How glorious Your works in the heavens! How wondrous your handiwork upon the earth! Behold the thousands and the myriads of stars, and the majesty of Your being is by far greater than their number!

All together: Blessed be YHVH! Blessed be God’s Holy Name! Amein!

Leader: Rosh chodesh same’ach! Happy New Moon Day! This is the (xxth) Month of the three thousand, four hundred and sixty -XXth year after the Exodus (7), when with mighty signs and wonders, YHVH brought Israel out of Egypt.

(Now the evening meal is eaten).

1 (2Kgs 4:23)

2 (1Sam 20:18)

3 (Amos 8:5)

4 (Ez 46:1-7, Is 66 22-24)

5 (Nu 10:10)

6 (Nu 10:9-10)

7 for biblical year dating, see 1Kings 6:1

   from Mar/Apr 2017 – 3463 AE

   from Mar/Apr 2018 – 3464 AE

   from Mar/Apr 2019 – 3465 AE

   from Mar/Apr 2020 – 3466 AE

   from Mar/Apr 2021 – 3467 AE

   from Mar/Apr 2022 – 3468 AE

   from Mar/Apr 2023 – 3469 AE

   from Mar/Apr 2024 – 3470 AE