Various prayers and blessings for the occasions of life

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Blessing for when putting on a tallit:

(Stand facing Jerusalem, then as one is wrapping oneself in the tallit, say):

Blessed be YHVH   Barukh YHVH
who dons light as a mantle,   asher `oteh or ke-salmah,
and wears glory as a garment;   ve-lobesh kavodh ke-végedh

(Once one is completely covered by the talllit, continue with):

extend the hand of Your loving-kindness over me,   meshokh et ha-yadh chasdekha `alay
and shelter me under the shadow of Your wings.   ve-tastireini be-tseil kenafeykha


(based on Pss 104:2, 36:10, 17:8)

Blessing for when one sees something small yet beautiful in nature:

Blessed be YHVH,

who creates the greatest beauty

in the smallest of His creations! Amein.

Blessing for when one hears an ambulance go by:

Blessed be YHVH,

who comes to the aid of the sick and the injured! Amein.

Blessing for when one is reminded of the imperfections or frailties of oneself or of others:

Blessed be YHVH,

who has not created us to be perfect,

so that we might realise we need one another,

and so be drawn to help one another. Amein.

Blessing for when one is casting a vote in an election:

Blessed be YHVH,

who has set me down in a land

where I have the right to vote,

who has given me the independence of mind,

and the discernment to enable me to cast a vote! Amein.

For when a misfortune befalls us:

YHVH has given,

and YHVH has taken away;

Blessed be the Name of YHVH! Amein.

(Job 1:21)

YHVH natan

ve-YHVH laqach

y’hi sheim YHVH m’vorakh. Amein.