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A Comparison between the Christian Jesus Christ and the Talmidi Jewish Yeshua’

Over the past nineteen centuries, the general public – including non-Christians – have had only one view of Jesus of Nazareth. They have not been permitted to have access to any alternative views. Throughout history, anyone espousing a belief that Yeshua` was in fact a human prophet was vigorously ridiculed and speedily put away.

However, the existing historical evidence will not go away. It is there for people to find and understand. When one studies the Christian view of Jesus, and compares it to that of pagan gods, one realises how startling similar the two are. The Christian Jesus is nothing more than a pagan god, and does not have any qualities which set him apart from other pagan gods.

Here then, is a comparison between how Christianity sees the god-man Jesus Christ, and how Followers of the Way see the human prophet Yeshua` of Nazareth:

The Christian Jesus What Followers of The Way teach
Christ is the centre of the Universe YHVH our God is the centre of our spiritual Universe
Prayer is directed through the name of Jesus Christ All prayer is spoken directly to YHVH; prayer spoken in the holy Name of YHVH is sanctified
We can only come to know God through Christ Any human being can come to know YHVH directly
The only way to truth is through Christ There are many paths to truth. YHVH alone is perfect truth and wisdom
Jesus is true God from true God Yeshua` was a human being created by God, as all human beings are
Jesus is the only-begotten of God YHVH does not procreate or beget; YHVH creates
Jesus is the Son of God YHVH our God has no son; YHVH exists alone, in and of His own self
Jesus came down from heaven to save us Yeshua’ was a man called by God to be a prophet to God
Jesus was born of a virgin Yeshua` was born in the normal way of a normal human woman
Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judah Yeshua` was born somewhere in Galilee
Jesus was sinless Yeshua` was a righteous man, yet open to the same faults and weaknesses as any other human being
Jesus was the promised Messiah Yeshua` was a prophet. He could not have been a messiah, because he did not fulfil the expectations of a Jewish messiah
Jesus lived to die; the point of his life was his death Yeshua`’s life changed when God called him to be a prophet. The point of his life thereafter was the message that God gave him to deliver; what was important were his teachings, his words
Christ died to save us from our sins Yeshua` died the innocent Jewish victim of Roman torture, opppression and injustice. His death did not serve any pagan redemptive purpose
The blood of Christ cleanses us of our sins Blood does not effect forgiveness of sin. God is fully capable of forgiving without any blood being shed. God forgives according to God’s own will. The shedding of blood is not necessary for the forgiveness of sin; a sincerely penitent heart is.
Christ is our redeemer and Saviour YHVH alone is our Redeemer and Saviour (Isaiah 43:11)
Christ is our King YHVH alone is our Sovereign Majesty
Jesus gives us everlasting life YHVH can give all His sons and daughters on earth a full and good life while we live, and has the power to give us an eternity of peace in heaven in His presence when we die
Christ will judge the living and the dead Who made him judge and arbiter over you? (see Luke 12:14) YHVH alone is the eternal judge