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Liberal Talmidis

Liberal Talmidaism is a moderate group; it walks a middle way between the conservative Ebionites and the ultra-liberal Yeshuinists. It is liberal in outlook, holding that Followers should have the right to examine Torah and follow according to one’s “informed conscience”. They emphasise the love and compassion of YHVH. They share a discussion group with Yeshuinists and moderate Ebionites. It is ideal for those who want a way of life that is close to biblical Torah, yet is sensible and rational in its application of it.

Liberal Talmidaism values tradition, interpreting it in the light of modern discoveries and science. They understand the Hebrew bible as the human attempt to understand God’s will. While they use the Torah & the Prophets as the starting point for their decision making, they feel it is important to use rational thought and informed conscience to interpret it. They understand scripture as a mixture of human fallibility and Divine will.

While preserving what is best about the Israelite tradition and Talmidi culture, it lives in the present, emphasising human needs over religious technicalities.

The Fellowship of Liberal Talmidis can be contacted at the main contact address (see link above).