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Yeshuinists & Yeshuinism

Yeshuinism is the most liberal of all the Talmidi sects. It upholds values of freedom of thought, tolerance and understanding above dogma. It affirms the right to question and examine everything as an important religious principle. It holds that one’s own life-experience is just as important as biblical teaching. It respects the right of all religious traditions to exist, and feels that each Talmidi sect has its part to play in the Congregation of the Way.

Yeshuinist theology is less rigid than that of any other Talmidi sect. It emphasises gender equality in worship language, and even language describing God is less defined. They prefer terms like, ‘The Eternal One’ or ‘The Holy One’ or ‘The Divine’ rather than ‘God’, and avoid gender specific pronouns with relation to God.

There is also an appreciation of the oneness of humanity, of creation and of the universe. It sees everything as interconnected and interrelated. It has concerns about the environment and the rights of animals. It values the diversity of the human race, and values difference and variety.

It decries how religion has divided humanity, understanding that, more than religion itself, it is tribalism and nationalism which divides humanity; as long as human beings are afraid of difference, there will be conflict. It teaches that we have to learn the courage to accept difference, and not be afraid of it.

Yeshuinists are not ‘New Age’. They are very much within the Yahwist tradition. They do not invent things, or pick and choose what to believe. They very much use their individual consciences to help them in their daily observance and adherence to the Covenant.

Scripture is seen as a collection of life-lessons, and a vehicle of preservation for the Jewish people. Talmidi culture is valued highly, however Yeshuinism holds that it is important for an individual to understand why they do what they do – to participate in the act of being an eternal witness to God’s active presence in history.

The Union for Yeshuinist Talmidaism can be contacted at the normal contact address on this website (see the link above).