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Ebionites (modern)

Moderate Ebionites

There are currently two separate communities of Ebionites. The moderate branch was founded in about 2009, and is led by Mauricio benZipporah. They have a Facebook-type website where you can interact with other Ebionites.

This moderate Ebionite community can be found at:


Conservative Ebionites

This group was founded by Shemayah ha-Evyoni in Tennessee, USA in about 1981. They are a conservative group, maintaining a close literal adherence to Torah. They have a website and a discussion list. This group is ideal for those who prefer their faith more clearly defined. Prospective inquirers should be aware that they tend to be confrontational and anti-Christian.

This from their website:

 The faith of the Written Torah given by the One God, is a revolutionary system of life with justice that can supercede all other systems of government and ideologies. The Ebionites are Yahwists above all else. The system allows for One Ruler, the God of Israel alone, with none beside Him. God is not man, and no man is divine. No man can make you right with God except yourself, and only you can atone for your sins through repentance and reparation to Him and your fellow man. You will never find God, Yahveh King of the Universe, world within worlds, worlds without end, in a church or shrine, kneeling before statues, sticks, stones, or men. Tear down your church. Take the wood and stones and build houses for the poor; take the sticks for firewood; sell the treasure and idols to buy food and heal the sick; bring all men in love to bend the knee to the God of Israel.

Our approach is to show that Yeshua was a good man, and righteous man who wanted to bring social reform, repentance, conversion, and thus bring the Messiah and Reign of God —not a pagan god-man human sacrifice. Such nonsense is the antithesis of everything for which Yeshua taught and stood. We do not say this to condemn any other religion. Nor do we believe that the adherents of other religions are “damned.” Instead, we want to repeat Yeshua’s message of repentance in preparation of the imminent day in which God will rule and all will be blessed. Christianity and Islam are not faiths of God.  But Christianity and Islam can, with God’s mercy, become processes in which gentiles can learn about God and advance to the Yahwistic Faith. As religions in themselves great evil is done. For example, the deaths of millions of Jews, and others, including the attempted genocide of the holocaust, are the direct result of Christianity and Christian culture. Many Muslims would perpetrate a new holocaust if left unhindered.

If you wish to learn more about the Conservative Ebionite sect, you can find out more about them at:


Please note: This group of Ebionites, who are part of the community of the Way, are nothing to do with Allan Cronshaw’s Gnostic Ebionites