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The crux of the Talmidi attitude to miracles is contained in Deut 13:2-4

“If there appears among you a prophet or dream-diviner, and he gives you a sign or miraculous portent, saying, ‘Let us follow and worship another god’ – whom you have not experienced – even if the sign or miraculous portent that he named comes true, do not heed the words of that prophet or that dream-diviner.”

The fact of miracles does not prove anything. Even a charlatan can perform miracles, signs and magic tricks. Miracles can be just as easily performed in the cause of lies, as well as of truth. We are not to be fooled into believing something, simply because it is accompanied by miracles.

At some Christian revival meetings, miracle cures are two a penny. Yet if followers of YHVH remain faithful to the Torah’s advice, these cures do not prove anything – they are not proof that we should all become Christians.

As for the reality of miracles, this is something that is a personal matter. Each Talmidi sect will have a different approach to whether biblical miracles are real or not. The more conservative Talmidis, such as Qumran Bet, will insist on the absolute truth of all miracles in the bible. The more liberal, such as Yeshuinists, will see them as metaphors or allegories.

We have reports of miracles in modern times too. In some of us they inspire awe and wonder for God, others treat them with extreme scepticism. Miracles are not an essential part of Talmidi faith. I personally do believe in the miracles and wonders of the bible, but I do not rest or justify my faith in YHVH by them.

To end with, I will say this: not all miracles have to be earth-shattering and mind-blowing. If a man who was once selfish is suddenly spotted giving a meal to a beggar, that is a miracle; if a woman who once had nothing kind to say about anyone, suddenly starts speaking to everyone with genuine kindness, that is a miracle; and when a person who previously found only worry, fear and anxiety in life, suddenly learns to live peacefully and stress free, that is a miracle too. A man or woman of faith will see God’s hand in every aspect of life, and in every wonder of nature, to the extent that all life, all created things are a miracle in and of themselves. When one reaches this estate of wonder, one no longer yearns for the mightier miracles, because the smaller ones are even more wondrous to behold.